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Bryn Eithin and our chefs have been presented by the Department of Environmental Health with 'Highest Five Stars award' for good quality food and hygiene.


This achievement in nutrition, preparation and presentation of food represents an enormous improvement in the health and well-being for residents.


Our chef prepares three nutritional meals each day using local produce.  The menus are varied and, whenever possible, cooked to suit individual likes and dislikes.


Dining Times:


Breakfast: 7.30 am onwards

Morning tea/coffee: 11.00 am

Lunch: 12.45 pm

Afternoon tea/coffee: 3.00 pm

Tea: 4.45pm

Night cap: 8.00 pm (tea, coffee, cocoa, horlicks)


If anyone wishes to have their meals or drinks at different times, we can gladly rearrange your preferred times to suit your personal requirements.


We also offer a breakfast tray service for those residents who wish to have a relaxed start to the day.

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